Capital Gains Tax

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Capital Gains Tax in Banbridge

Capital Gains Tax is a charge on the profit you make if you sell an asset that has increased in value over time. Although some assets are tax-free, you need to pay it on most assets if you decide to sell them.

Here at SM Vint & Company, we can calculate your payable tax and help you avoid any financial setbacks.

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Specialist Tax Accountants

At SM Vint & Company, our fully qualified accountants can offer you financial advice on your Capital Gains Tax. We can advise you on the best approach to take when it comes to your taxes. Moreover, we can advise you on Capital Gains Tax for properties and land, mitigation, trusts and more.

The area surrounding this tax can be confusing. However, our professionals at SM Vint & Company works closely with you to explain everything. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with moving forward and being in control.

If you are considering selling a personal asset or all or part of your business, we are always on hand. SM Vint & Company will ensure that you are claiming all eligible reliefs to reduce your liabilities wherever possible.

A Complete Service

Our team here at SM Vint & Company provide a comprehensive CGT service. From planning your disposal, weighing up your options, any eligible reliefs and submitting your return. Furthermore, our specialist advisers will handle your return process, deal with HMRC on your behalf and provide full support throughout.

We can help with:

  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Shares & Stock Investments
  • Chargeable Assets
  • Gifts or Inheritance Assets

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