Limited Companies

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Limited Companies in Banbridge

As a limited company, you are an organisation that is liable to set up and run a business. Any profit the company makes goes straight back into it and shared throughout the business. At SM Vint & Company, we specialise in limited company accounting for businesses in the Banbridge area.

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A limited company is entirely separate from its owners in a purely legal sense. It is owned by the limited company, which have at least one shareholder. There must be at least one director.

The shareholders of the company do not have to be appointed as directors. However, the directors will be treated as employees of the business, but they are not required to take a wage. If there is only one shareholder, they will automatically become the sole owner of the business.

By law, limited companies are required to pay corporation tax on all their profits and are governed by company law. With limited company accounting, you can stay on top of your financial processes.

As your personal accountants, SM Vint & Company will always ensure you are always up to date. We make sure you are in line with regulations and meet deadlines. Alongside this, we will help run your business accounts.

What Are the Advantages?

Being known as a limited company can help you appear more credible when working with other companies. Furthermore, the liability of shareholders is capped at the amount of share capital that has been issued. This means that you are guaranteed personal protection on your assets.

In addition to this, you can benefit from a wide range of tax advantages. This is because you may have profits under Corporation Tax rates which are lower than personal tax. However, when funds are taken from the company, you may be required to pay national insurance charges or more tax.

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